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Talking Lead 499 – AK KORNER S5 Ep7: COMBLOC Sniper Rifles

In this episode of the Talking Lead AK KORNER we dive into some of the better known sniper rifles used by COMBLOC countries. Joining the sniper “leaducation” is Marco Vorobiev (Former Soviet Spetsnaz Solidier), Professor Paul Markel (USMC and host of Student Of The Gun) and Jerod Johnson (USMC Sniper and owner of STA Blades) Rifles of discussion include the Soviet SVD Dragonov and it’s  PSO-1 optical sight and a few of it’s variants like the Al Kadesiah, the civilian Tigr and others. We also talk about the Romanian PSL sniper rifle, the Yugoslavian Zastava M76 and more! Plus the experts answers your questions and we announce winners of this month’s Kickass prizes from Mission First Tactical, SEAL 1 and Nicholas Orr!!

Talking Lead AK KORNER: Comblock Sniper Rifles with Marco Vorobiev, Paul Markel, Jerod Johnson and Lefty