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Talking Lead 498 – Happy Birthday RED DAWN The World Is Burning

Ton Jones joins Lefty on this Talking Lead episode to wish the 1984 Iconic movie Red Dawn a Happy 39th Birthday and oh, by the way it’s Ton’s Birthday too! We are all over the map with this episode. Lefty and Ton talk about all the sudden wild fires occurring throughout the World and who could be behind them…OWO? What happened to the Boy Scouts Of America? Ear infections, how to cure them. Trick shots with airguns, building a 458 SOCOM AR, new bags from Mission First Tactical and much more…Grab a cold adult beverage and enjoy the ride!

TALKING LEAD PODCAST – LEADUCATING THE UNLEADUCATED since 2012 TON JONES celebrates his and RED DAWN 1984’s Birthday with Lefty.