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Talking Lead 497 – STA Blades: Jerod Johnson

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast we talk sharp, pointy, slashy, stabby things…Knives! Custom blade maker Jerod Johnson owner of STA Blades out of Texas joins Lefty to talk about his style of knife making. Jerod shares his stories of how he got into knife making, his influences, (which includes Chuck Stone of Masters Forge), the first knife he ever made, and Jared’s particular knife making style. Lefty and Jerod discuss everything from metals, to heat treating, to to grinds, to testing a knife’s strength, to tips for the beginning knife maker. We also talk about Jerod’s time as a USMC Sniper and his experience with iconic K-Bar Knife. Jerod also Busts some knife making related Myths.

Jerod tell us about a great non-profit organization American which STA Blades supports and an upcoming fund raiser he is putting together with them involving his knives. Plus we answer all of the questions posted on Talking Lead’s Instagram post and reward the best question with an STA Blades Shivvy!