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Talking Lead 496 – Brad Thor: DEAD FALL

On this episode of Talking Lead: The God of Political-Action-Thriller-Thunder, Brad Thor joins the show to talk about his next #1 best selling novel, DEAD FALL. Brad’s newest book, featuring his battle proven action hero Scot Harvath, takes place in the war-ravaged borderlands of Ukraine. Without spoilers, Brad gives us a tease of what we can expect in his 23rd Scot Harvath novel. But wait! There’s more! After the DEAD FALL tease, Brad shares some interesting views on Artificial Intelligence and he talks about his time serving with the Department of Homland Secuity’s elite group, “RED CELL” . Lefty and Brad delve into some “behind-the-books” stories and talk about Brad’s favorite family vacations. Brad reminisces about some funny encounters with George Clinton and Marcus Luttrell. Plus, we talk about Brad’s well appointed Gun Room! All this and more with #1 New York Times bestselling author, Brad Thor.


Brad Thor – “DEAD FALL” on the Talking Lead Podcast