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Talking Lead 493 – Ed Brown Products; CAA USA; Tactical Response & EOTECH

Happy Independence Day Lead Heads! In this Talking Lead episode Lefty gives you plenty of content to get you through your 4th Of July pre and post celebrating. Aaron with COMAND ARMS ACCCESSORIES (CAA) tells us about the new and improved MCK (Micro Conversion Kit) and a prototype 9mm rifle in the works called the AGADA RIFLE. Dave Biggers with Ed Brown Products drops their new custom services for the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 that only Ed Brown can produce called the EB FUELED Series. Kayla and Heather of Tactical Response (James Yeager‘s Daughters) talk James’s new book The Four Pillars Of FightingAdam with Canik USA introduces us to the new MICRO Canik Mete MC9 9mm pistol. John Baily with EOTECH sits down with Lefty and Paul Markel (Student Of The Gun) to talk about the history of EOTECH, holographic sights, night optics and long range shooting.

Talking Lead 493 – Tactical Response; Command Arms Accessories; Ed Brown Products; Student Of The Gun