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Talking Lead 492 – Valiant Dynamics: EvolvR Combat Stock

In this episode of the Talking Lead PodcastValiant Dynamics tells us about their EvolvR Combat StockCharlie and Todd explain how the EvolvR was born out of the body armor industry. It is a buttstock featuring a first-in-class, patented, eight-position, rubberized spur-catch that rotates and locks in place to grip the shoulder strap of the tactical plate carrier, body armor vest, chest rig or any other tactical gear for superior and stable placement in the pocket of the shoulder. Joining us to give his hands-on evaluation of the EvlovR is, special guest, Ron Holmes with Ryker USA.

Tune in for this and much more as Lefty and the gang take care of some Jackwagons, honor some Heores and the Guests get hit with the NEW GUY QUESTIONSRon tells us more about the MantisX Training System…Plus, learn more about how to get entered in the Aklys Defense Kopis .22 silencer giveaway!

Talking Lead Podcast: Valiant Dynamics & Ryker USA discuss the EvolvR Combat Stock