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Talking Lead 490 – John Wick’s Shotgun, Dead Ringer Flash Hider & Pyramyd Air

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast: Lefty has Genesis Arms (Teodor & Cody) on to talk about the TTI Dracarys Gen-12 (a collaboration with Taran Tactical Innovations) This short recoil, magazine fed 12ga beast of a shotgun on a .308 lower can be seen in the new John Wick 4 movie. We learn more about it and the history of Genesis Arms. Next up Lefty is joined by Joe and Zach with Aklys Defense to talk about their new 3 pronged flash hider the Dead Ringer and the ZLM 8″ barrel, open bolt Saiga 12ga Shotgun Zach designed (Zach’s Little Monster).

Lefty’s co-host this episode is Ton Jones with Airforce Airguns. There are rumblings of new Government rule changes that could affect the Airgun and Airsoft industries – CSPC regulation changes to airsoft & air guns. To point out the key points and to help us better under stand how these potential rules changes will effect the industry the guys invite Tyler Patner, Product Manager +10 other jobs, with Pyramyd Air to go over them and explain what you can do to help prevent this sneaky government overreach from happening. Here is the link to a prepared letter you can send to voice your opposition: Pyramyd Air Comment Letter

Talking Lead Podcast 490: Genesis Arms; Aklys Defense; Airfore Air Guns; Pyramyd Air