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Talking Lead 489 – 3D Printed Silencers; Bacon Vodka & SHOOTAH

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast: SHOOTAH creators Jason and Tyler join Lefty and Evan to give an after action report on this years range day event and US Gear Co. drops a new discount code for you Lead Heads! We do a Bacon Flavored Rye Vodka toast with our next guests Marco and Brenden Vorobiev to introduce their new 3D Printed Silencer company APP Tech LLC and their line of quiet products. New NRA board member Isaac Demarest talks about the obstacles he needs to overcome and the opportunities he has to make a difference for the NRA’s future. Beth and Spencer with the Firearms Legal Protecion tell us about why, as a gun owner, you need legal protection and the SAFE & SECURE children’s gun safety course they offer. Kerry Sloan with WE THE FEMALE and Sean with KABA Gun Club introduce their ARMING THE WOMEN training class.

App Tech 3D Printed Silencers; Utah Shooters; Kerry Sloan, Marco Vorobiev and Lefty – Talking Lead Podcast