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Talking Lead 488 – Pistol Brace Update; Silencers, 2011s & UFC Champions

Talking Lead™ is celebrating this Memorial Day Holiday by giving you a huge Leaducation™ filled episode.  We start off the show with reality TV star Ton Jones and Attorney Pearce Taylor to give you an update on the ATF Pistol Brace ruling…it’s not final! 

Next we hit you with YouTube 2A powerhouse Paul Glasco with Legally Armed America.  Paul talks about his new book How To Make A Monsterthe Truth about Mass-Shooting Killers in America.  Then we bring in Mike Papas with Dead Air Silencers for some silencer talk and Ron Holmes with Ryker USA to talk about their side mounted grips. 

As if that wasn’t enough Derrick Dumont with Phoenix Trinity Firearms along with the Boombstick Babe Alicia Garcia sit down with Lefty to talk about PTF’s line of custom 2011 pistols.  And still we keep it going with a huge interview with the UFC heavy weight champion Andrei Arlovski.  We wrap up with the Jackwagon Train™ and Lead Head Brigade Heroes™.  Don’t forget to use those discount codes we give during each episode for exclusive listener savings from our sponsors and friends of the show! 

Talking Lead Podcast – Dead Air Silencers; Ryker USA; Phoenix Trinity Firearms; Ton Jones; Legally Armed America; Andrei Arlovski UFC MMA Champion