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Talking Lead 486 – AK KORNER S5 Ep4: Pioneer Arms Corp & M+M Ind.

In this episode of the Talking Lead AK KORNER: Lefty is joined by Pioneer Arms Corp US, CJ Johnson, to update us on their latest offerings. Also joining in on the conversation is Marco Vorobiev and Graham Riehart. PAC US has improved on the quality of their existing AKM line and added to their variety of calibers with the 5.56×45 AKM and .22lr AKM versions. PAC US is also making new muzzle device adapters that allow you to easily switch out your slant brake making it a breeze to attach your favorite silencer or muzzle device. Speaking of silencers, PAC US has also added silencers to their menu. Listen in to get all the details.

Next up Michael Meier founder of M+M Industries sits down with Lefty to talk about their hybrid AK The M10X. The M10X was designed utilizing many proven features around the world. The M10X uses the long-stroke gas piston operating system with a rotating bolt. On top of that, the rifle uses a front recoil system combining elements from Swiss rifle design and Kalashnikov’s design. The rifle uses an adjustable gas valve to be adapted to any load or paired with a suppressor using custom suppressor settings. Ambidextrous controls similar to rifles of Western origin give the rifle the advantage of being compatible with both right and left-handed shooters.

Also joining in on the conversation is Paul Markel (Student Of The Gun) and Dave with Hi Point Firearms to talk about Hi Point’s new carbine chambered in 30Super Carry, yep you read that correctly.

Talking Lead AK KORNER – Pioneer Arms Corp US and M+M Industries on Talking Lead Podcast