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Talking Lead 484 – Jack Carr: Only The Dead

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast we are joined by “The Worlds Most Deadly Author” , “The Prince Of Prime”, multiple time New York Times Best Selling Author, Jack Carr. Only The Dead releases May 16th, 2023 and you Lead Heads get an exclusive (no spoilers) pre-look into this 6th book, Only The Dead, in the James Reece series of Novels with Jack and Lefty. “With more action, more twists and more unleashed fury than we have seen from James Reece yet, Jack Carr delivers a masterfully crafted tale of spartan avengement”Marty “Lefty” Holder host Talking Lead Podcast

In Only The Dead we pick up where In The Blood left us anxiously waiting to find out James Reece’s fate. With the odds stacked against him, James Reece is on a mission generations in the making. Unfortunately for his enemies, the former SEAL is not concerned with odds. He is on the warpath. And when James Reece picks up his tomahawk and sniper rifle, no one is out of range.

Jack Carr on the Talking Lead Podcast – “Only The Dead” Novel