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Talking Lead 481 – African Buffalo Attacks & Motorcycle Wipeouts

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast: Ben Ryder with Kraken Case Company and Chad Enos with KELTEC joins Lefty to introduce our final round of interviews from the 2023 SHOT Show and a new BIG NRA Convention Giveaway from KELTEC, KRAKEN Case Company & Talking Lead!!. Chad gives us an update on his condition after his 3rd motorcycle wreck in 2 years, maybe driving lessons should be his next training course? Ben recently took a trip to Africa to hunt some wild game, but much to his chagrin he became the hunted when a Cape Water Buffalo decided to turn the tables.

Interviews from SHOT Show Include: Joe and Easton with LEO Takedown Systems. They announce the new Integrated LEO upper receiver and a new 30 round magazine for the Sig P320 from D&H Tactical; Kerry with We The Female gives us an update on up coming events to encourage women to become responsible gun owners; Walk The Talk America‘s Mike Sodini and Jake Wiskerchen talk about the progress their organization is making in the mental health and firearms industries: Alissa Wylde and Rick Stewart join Lefty to talk about KELTEC’s new KSG410 shotgun and the 5.7x28mm R50 Rifle.

Talking Lead Podcast 481 – Big NRA Giveaway