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Talking Lead 479 – AK KORNER S5 Ep2: Evolution of the Avtomat Kalashnikova

In this episode of the Talking Lead AK KONRER Lefty’s special guest is Marco Vorobiev. Marco is a former Soviet Spetsnaz soldier. As a writer, collector, historian and consultant Marco has personally met with Mikhail Kalashnikov and other pivotal Russian firearm designers over the years. We deep dive into the behind-the-scenes research and encounters with Marco on the writing of his book AK-47: Survival And Evolution Of The World’s Most Prolific Gun. Marco tells stories of the dinner he had with Mikhail Kalashnikov at his Russian summer home, his trips to the IZHMASH factory and his hands-on experiences with many AK variants and many stories about the history and evolution of the AK that you will only hear here.

Talking Lead Podcast – “Leaducating The Unleaducated” since 2012 Marco Vorobiev on the AK KORNER