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Talking Lead 477 – KRAKEN FOAM: Next Generation Gun & Gear Protection

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast we talk with Ben Ryder co-founder of KRAKEN CasesKRAKEN makes hard storage cases but that’s not the exciting part of what Ben’s company produces it’s the memory foam that is in the cases that will get your attention: KRAKEN Foam is the first foam insert for hard cases that actually conforms to whatever you put in it, similar to the memory foam products on the market for beds and pillows. KRAKEN foam protects against tearing and sharp objects, it is cut resistant to blades like razors and your honed EDC blade. In addition to the cut resistant properties, it also offers a high level of heat resistance up to temperatures of 400 degrees Fahrenheit and is IMPERVIOUS TO WATER AND OIL!

Talking Lead Podcast 477 – Ben Ryder owner of KRAKEN Case Company with Lefty