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Talking Lead 476 – IWI Carmel Rifle; Neo Magnet Holster and Prairie Fire Range

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast: We continue our 2023 SHOT Show interviews from the KelTec Leadquarters Studio with: IWI US‘s Tom Alabrando shows us their new semiautomatic, short stroke, gas piston, fully ambidextrous rifle the CARMEL 5.56 NATO. Dave and Bobby with Mission First Tactical hit us with the first looks at their 2 new holsters. The Pro Series and the Belly Band Holsters. The new Pro Series has 3 exclusive patents that set this innovative holster apart from any you’ve ever seen and it’s Neo-magnet retention system is industry changing! Yehuda Remer drops his new book BULLET POINTS and shocks the 2A community! Next up: 3 time Olympic Biathlete and Pro 3 Gunner, Lanny “Oakley” Barns and founder of WOMA (Women’s Outdoor Media Association) Deb Ferns stop by to tell us about Prairie Fire Nevada. PFN will center around world-class training, thrilling Specialty Shooting Experiences, designed by elite military veterans, and a friendly Competition Series open to all levels of shooters.

Talking Lead Podcast at 2023 SHOT Show TLP 476