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Talking Lead 471 – Black Rambo; US Arms Co; Tactical Rx; SLNT

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast we continue our coverage of the 2023 SHOT Show from the “Official Leadquaters” of KelTec. To kick off this round of interviews Lefty is joined by Dwight Settle owner of SEAL 1 to introduce their new Universal Rifle and Pistol cleaning kits. The SEAL 1 URK and UPK includes everything you need to keep your firearms clean, accurate and corrosive resistant. Next up is Bret Hunter with Tactical Rx to talk about their new eye protection offerings and Arron Zar with SLNT to tell us about their patented line of Faraday bags. Wrapping up this episode is a wild one. We have the guys with US Arms Company drop by to talk about their new Azrael Bolt Action Rifle and their new M905 muzzle device that reduces recoil by 95%. To help them introduce the new products Black Rambo joins us along with Mark Choppa and Jeff HornsbyBlack Rambo talks about his appearance on the new season of Swamp People!

Talking Lead Podcast – SHOT Show 2023 Black Rambo, SLNT, Tactical Rx, Mark Choppa, US ARMS Co, Seal 1