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Talking Lead 468 – SHOT 2023 Kick Off: KelTec & Black Collar Arms

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast we kick off our interviews from the NSSF’s 2023 SHOT Show. This year KELTEC was the Official Leadquarters for SHOT Show. It was an amazing studio set up that allowed us to bring you so many and the best interviews from the best companies, organizations and personalities that attended. In our first interview the guys from KELTECChad and Hammer, tell us about the new KSG410 Shotgun (.410 bore) and the new R50 Rifle (chambered in 5.7x28mm). We also have long time friend of the show and award winning writer Andre Dallau join us to give he initial take on the two new firearms from KELTEC. In the second interview Jeremy S with Black Collar Arms sits down to talk about his new products, a new hybrid AR grip (Priapus Grip) and a really cool adapter (Desperado) that allows the use of a guitar strap as a rifle sling.

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