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Talking Lead 465 – AK KORNER S4 Ep12 Season Finale

It’s been a fun-filled, educational, action-packed Season 4 of the Talking Lead AK KORNER and we don’t let up for the Season 4 finale! We drop some exclusive news about a new Micro DRACO! Joining Lefty this episode is Sergeant Major Lance Nutt, founder of Sheep Dog Impact Assistance, Adam Ruonala, Director of Marketing, Century Arms & the Pimp-Hand of America, Professor Paul Markel of Student Of The Gun. We present one lucky Lead Head with the 2nd BFT47 Rifle Giveaway of Season 4 this episode. Adam tells the story of how Century Arms started it’s journey as one of the World’s most successful firearms manufacturers. Would you believe their story begins with a Typewriter!? And Parul treats us to a special Christmas rendition of Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” (full rendition here)…also be on the lookout for Paul Markel’s new book, Beyond The Boo-Boo, coming soon here: Get Paul’s Books

Talking Lead AK KORNER – “Leaducating The Unleaducated” since 2012
Talking Lead AK KORNER Season 4 Finale!


Founded in 2010, Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) is a national non-profit founded and headquartered in Rogers, Arkansas, that provides charitable services benefiting the overall well-being of our nation’s “Sheep Dogs” (Veterans, Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue, and EMS personnel) through Get Off The Couch™ programming. SDIA exists to engage, assist and empower our nation’s heroes through Outdoor Adventures (physical activity), Warrior PATHH training (mental wellness) and Continued Service/Disaster Response (volunteerism) programs.

Our nation’s heroes have an innate desire to serve, and their service gives meaning and purpose to their lives. After an injury or shift/tour of duty ends, that meaning and purpose is often lost. Post-traumatic stress, injuries, depression, addiction, and isolation plague our Sheep Dogs to the point of thinking about and/or attempting suicide. Through our Get Off The Couch™ programming, Sheep Dogs who have suffered similar traumas & experiences gather together for camaraderie and opportunities to continue serving, which helps prevent suicides in our Veteran and First Responder communities.

Joining SDIA in opportunities for physical activities to foster camaraderie (Outdoor Adventures), peer-to-peer training to transform struggle into strength and posttraumatic growth (Warrior PATHH), and volunteer opportunities for continued service (Disaster Response), a Sheep Dogs’ innate desire to serve is again fulfilled. When Sheep Dogs #GetOffTheCouch together, their attitude and perspective are drastically improved, and many find healing and a renewed sense of purpose and belonging.