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Talking Lead 463 – The Big 10 Years Of Talking Lead Birthday GAW

Happy Birthday to Talking Lead and the Lead Head Brigade! 10 years of “Leaducating The Unleaducated”! Joining Lefty to kickoff the celebration are three 5-star Lead Head Brigade members, Pearce, Ora & Clayton. What better way to celebrate Talking Lead’s 10 Year Anniversary than with a Huge Giveaway with nearly 10K in prizes. We go over all the prizes in detail and how you can enter. Plus we Take care of some Jackwagons. ATF Pistol Brace Update and Oregon’s New Gun Permit Law

Enter the Big 10 Year GAW here: 10 Years Of Talking Lead Celebration Giveaway

Prizes from: Century Arms, Israel Weapon Industries (IWI US), Kel Tec, Henry Rifles, Mission First Tactical, Lockdown, Crimson Trace, Primary Arms, ASP-USA, Medical Points Abroad, Kraken Case Company, SEAL 1.

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