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Talking Lead 462 – Mountain Men: Ultimate Marksman

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast Lefty is joined by the competitors from the History Channel’s Mountain Men: Ultimate Marksman Season 1 Episode 2 hosted by Colby Donaldson. What’s it like to shot a 1860 Henry Rifle1866 Winchester Rifle , 45-70 Springfield TrapdoorRemington Model 187545 Colt Revolver??? Lefty’s special guests answer that question. Joining Lefty this episode are Paul LasterTravis Gibson and, fellow Lead HeadEvan Floodman (The fourth contestant Dania Vizzi was not available so we smack talked about her…lol!) The gang shares their stories of how they were each chosen for the show and what their reactions were once they finally realized is was for real. Filmed in majestic Butte Montana, we get some “behind” the scenes stories such as what it was like on and off set, the competition stages and we find out what is was like to shoot each of those ICONIC firearms!

Plus more details on the “10 Years Of Talking Lead Giveaway” and the next “AK KORNER Century Arms BFT47 Giveaway”

Talking Lead Podcast – “Leaducating The Unleaducated” since 2012 TLP 462-History Channel’s Ultimate Marksman