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Talking Lead 461 – Ukraine Invasion: What’s Really Happening

Happy Thanksgiving Lead Heads! In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast we have the unique opportunity to talk with an American Contractor with the Sons Of Liberty that recently has been to Ukraine to train the Ukrainian Army how to fight against the Russian Invasion. Lefty Makes two big Giveaway announcements and we take care of some Jackwagons and honor some Heroes. Our special guest is Neil Vermillion. Neil is a 16 year Army Veteran with extensive combat experience. Neil also trained the Peshmerga in 2016 on how to fight against ISIS. We get to hear the real truth of what the Ukrainians are facing and how the Russian Invasion is really affecting their country. Co-hosting with Lefty this episode is Brian Keeney with Occam Defense Solutions.

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TLP 461 Neil Vermillion on the Ukraine Invasion