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Talking Lead 460 – AK KORNER S4 Ep11 – AK SHOTGUNS

Welcome back to the Talking Lead AK KORNER presented by Century Arms! Joining Lefty this episode to talk about gas operated short stroke shotguns is Mike Whitesides and Lan Nguyen with Dissident Arms and Andrew with Century Arms. The first known AK style shotgun to be made was the Saiga-12 (based off the AK-47/AKM). Production started in 1997 by the Izhmash factory in Russia and then ,6 years later, by the Molot factory with their VEPR-12 shotgun (based of the RPK light machine gun). Relatively speaking, the AK Shotgun is a new firearm and the future is bright. Having a gas operated short stroke action gives the AK shogun advantages over your traditional inertia driven shotguns like the Benelli M4 . Less recoil and faster loading times are a couple that are discussed. However because Lan and Mike have such an deep grasp of these type of shotguns by converting and modifying hundreds of Saiga and Vepr-12 shotguns over the years they give us a unique and detailed breakdown on AK shotguns. Plus we make a big announcement for the next episode, the season 4 finale, of the AK KORNER.

Talking Lead Podcast AK KORNER S4 Ep11 – Dissident Arms & Century Arms