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Talking Lead 455 – Archery Analytics: Ben Cole & Brandon Forquer

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast we talk Archery basics with Benjamin Cole of Rooted Television and Brandon Forquer of Velocity Outdoor. Brandon and Ben teach us the parts and mechanics of arrows / bolts and (for this episode) we talk about the parts of the Centerpoint Archery Wrath 430X crossbow. But not until we haul off some Jackwagons and honor some Heroes during the Talking Lead Jackwagon Train segment.

Ben Cole is an avid outdoorsman conservationist and hunter. Ben has a degree in agriculture from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College so he knows what it takes for proper land management to properly grow a healthy whitetail herd. Ben was raised in northeast Alabama, where he learned the ways of the woods from his father. Currently, he is working to complete the North American Grand Slam in waterfowl. He loves to share how Christ changed his life and his appreciation for the outdoors in his hunting series called Rooted Television.

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