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Talking Lead 454 – Silencer Science with John Hollister

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast we are keeping things quiet. Our topic is the firearm silencer (a.k.a.; suppressor, sound moderator, can and muffler). Lefty’s special guest is the “Scientist of Silencers” John Hollister, National Commercial Sales Trainer for Sig Sauer. John “Leaducates” us on the history of the firearm silencer in America and the roll Hiram Percy Maxim and the Maxim family played in it’s modern day creation. We then get into the actual science that goes into the functionality of silencers, we discuss designs, materials, maintenance, the federal tax stamp and we bust some silencer myths.

Next we learn more about John with the Talking Lead “New Guy Questions”. During the NGQ we learn about John’s law enforcement career, his time at AAC, the gun that lead to his affinity to firearms (the H&K’s MP5), his favorite movies and much more! Bonus: John gives us a recipe for one of the quietest shooting combination of firearm, silencer and ammo. Hint: it involves a 1894 lever action rifle in .357/38. Listen now to get the all the Silencer Leaducation from John Hollister.

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John Hollister on Talking Lead Podcast – “Leaducating The Unleaducated” since 2012