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Talking Lead 453 – Nothing Says “Never Again” Like an Armed Jew: Doris Wise

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast we discuss the importance of an Armed Society. Doris Wise joins Lefty to discuss the message her organization Jews Can Shoot. We talk about the historical atrocities that have happened from governments that disarmed their citizens and compare similarities that are happening in America today.

Jews Can Shoot was formed in 2013 for the purpose of education and advocacy regarding gun laws, gun rights, legal precedent, and cause-related advocacy. Jews Can Shoot both educates and advocates for gun rights of all citizens, not just Jews. The power of the Second Amendment is that it lays the foundation for all Americans that self-defense is a natural human right. No government, anywhere in the world, should have the power to deny its citizens of the right of self-protection. Jews experienced the impact of such gun control during the Holocaust. Now is the time for both Jew and non-Jew in the United States to be proactive advocates for the Second Amendment.

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