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Talking Lead 452 – AK KORNER S4 EP9: Judgement BFT47 Contest

In this month’s episode of the Talking Lead AK KORNER, presented by Century Arms: The entries for the Talking Lead / Century Arms BFT47 AKM Rifle contest are JUDGED! To decide your fate and crown the winner Lefty has gathered some of the industries toughest AK-47 critics. From Occam Defense Solutions, Brian Keeney. From Faktory-47 James Bialczak. From Kalashbash TX / Third Pin Threads, Klay Owens. Author, trainer & former Spetsnaz, Marco Vorobiev. Author, Podcast Host & Trainer, Professor Paul Markel. Before we get to the contest judging everyone shares their stories about our good friend & a true Samurai Warrior James “MF” Yeager.

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