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Talking Lead 450 – U.S. Nuclear Submarine Officer: Jon S. Rennie

In this episode of the Talking Lead PodcastLefty’s guest is Jon S. Rennie former U.S. Navy Submarine Officer, business leader, author, podcaster, and avid bird hunter. We discuss Jon’s career in the Navy as a Submarine Officer and get some insight on what life is like on a submarine. Jon is a Best Selling Author on Leadership. We talk about how the Military and his 30 years of leading North American companies to success fueled his ambition to share his knowledge for making Americans better leaders.

Jon is co-founder, president and CEO of Peak Demand Inc., a manufacturer of critical infrastructure products for electric utilities. He served as a U.S. Naval Officer on the USS Tennessee, an  Ohio-class ballistic missile Nuclear Submarine. He is the author of I Have The Watch, All In The Same Boat & You Have The Watch. Listen to Jon’s podcast The Deep Leadership Podcast to get real-world, actionable leadership advice from Jon as well as his expert guests

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