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Talking Lead 447 – Assault Weapons Ban Perspective & 3-Gun Talk

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast Lefty is joined by fellow Lead Head and attorney Pearce Taylor to put some perspective on H.R.1808 – Assault Weapons Ban of 2022. Though likely it will pass the House vote we are still not out of the fight. Pearce sheds some light on the process the bill must still go through before becoming law. Lefty and Pearce discuss some details of the prohibitions this proposed law has and ways you can help keep up the fight against it.

Then Lefty treats you to an interview from the past with 3-Gun Pro Jesse Tischauser:  Jesse, a former Army Staff Sergeant, grew up around guns in the home of a firearms dealer. Jesse made an immediate and profound impact on the world of 3 Gun, but also is involved in many different shooting disciplines. Jesse is best known and most often imitated for his promotion of sponsors and his prolific online presence. In his private time, he is involved in the nursery business in Guthrie, Oklahoma with his wife Tara. Jesse is a Founder of Generation III Gun, Inc and serves on the Board.

OPPOSE the New Federal “Assault Weapons” Ban (H.R. 1808) TODAY!

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