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Talking Lead 443 – Ammunition Reloading Basics

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast we explore the world of loading / reloading your own ammunition. Lefty brings in the experts to “Leaducate” us on the basics of this much needed life skill: Bringing more than 10 years of reloading experience to the conversation is Brian Steere, with Lockdown. A second generation ammunition manufacture Pete Pi with Defiant Munitions, brings the expertise to the conversation. After you listen to this episode you will be ready to begin your journey into the world of reloading with confidence. We answer your social media questions and reward you with prizes! We even talk a little bit about prairie-dog hunting! Plus Pete tells us about his new ammunition service called “DM-SKUNKWORKS”!

Are you looking for truly customized ammunition that will optimize the performance of your precision rifle or pistol? Did the “idea fairy” drop an idea for something unique and unheard of in your head, and you just have to have it built? Are you sitting on a pile of primers and/or never fired brass, but don’t have the time, tools, supplies or expertise to load your own? “DM-SKUNKWORKS” is your solution!

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