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Talking Lead 444 – America’s Sheriff: David Clarke Jr.

What better way to enjoy your 4th Of July Independence holiday week than to spend some time with Talking Lead and Lefty and his special 4th Of July guest, America’s Sheriff, David Clarke Jr. Sheriff Clarke sits down with Lefty to talk about his Law Enforcement career, his book, his childhood, his views on some of the top political issues of today and much more!

Sheriff Clarke (retired) has served nearly 4o years in Law Enforcement with 4 terms as Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. The Sheriff now spends his time as a political activist by hosting radio shows like Glen Beck and serving as a political commentator on major news networks like Fox, CNN & Newsmax. He also writes articles for BLUE, a magazine focusing primarily on information geared towards the Law Enforcement community. In his best-selling book “Cop Under Fire” Sheriff Clarke shares experiences of his childhood and how they shaped his future, as well as articulating his unwavering defense of our nation’s police officers in a time when few had the courage to speak out.

Talking Lead Podcast – “Leaducating The Unleaducated” since 2012 2022 4th Of July Guest: Sheriff David Clarke Jr