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Talking Lead 437 – Stolen Angels: A Fight Against Human Trafficking

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast we take a look into the dark, seedy, real world of human trafficking with author and world-renowned private investigator William (Bill) Johnstone Taylor. Bill brings his fifty plus years of real life “been there, done that” experience to his fictional novels, Stolen Angels, Homeward Angels and San Andros Fault. We discuss Bill’s years of service in the United States Marine Corps, his investigative duties during his time with criminal defense attorney F. Lee Bailey and his life’s mission of find missing persons tied to the criminal world of human trafficking.

Bill Taylor’s novel Stolen Angels is a thriller from the start. Each chapter draws you deeper and deeper into the twisted international, criminal and political world of human trafficking. Bill’s style of writing offers the reader a front row seat, fighting side-by-side with the main character Jake Storm as you take down the dastardly evil-doers. Technically sound with his character’s use of weapons, aircraft, boats and other tools of the trade, Bill brings a since of realism that can only be obtained by someone that has lived these experiences. Once you start the journey with Jake Strom you will not be satisficed until you both complete the mission.

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