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Talking Lead 436 – Lever Action Rifles: Steve Tyliszczak, Troy Storch & Pete Pi

In this Talking Lead episode we talk Lever Action Guns. Special guests: Steve Tyliszczak owner of Mad Pig CustomsTroy Storch owner of Midwest Industries and Pete Pi owner of Defiant Munitions. The lever action has been around for nearly 200 years. This iconic “Wild West” gun predates use in the U.S. Civil War and is still manufactured today by companies like HenryMarlinRossi & Winchester.

As technology grows by leaps and bounds, daily, this design has stayed true to it’s original, for the most part. Enter Midwest Industries and Mad Pig Customs. MWI and MPC, while not changing the mechanical operations of the lever gun, have given new life to the lever gun by offering external features that have modernized the utility of this brilliantly designed rifle.

Troy Storch, CEO of Midwest Industries, developed a M-LOK hand guard that gives the ability to add optics, lights, hand stops, you name it. Steve Tyliszczak, owner of Mad Pig Customs, re-smiths the lever gun with MWI’s hand guards along with a slew of other changes, including internal tuning, to craft a modern day “brush-gun” to rival all others. Specializing in Henry and Marlin lever rifles MPC will take your existing rifle and turn it into a survivalist’s dream tool. Pete Pi with Defiant Munitions joins in on the conversation to lend his expertise on the ammunition side of things.

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