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Talking Lead 422 – Andrew Coussens: “A Failed State” Novel & Forward Movement Training

Happy New Year Lead Head Brigade! Lefty kicks off the Talking Lead Podcast 2022 season with author Andrew Coussens. Andrew is a former “OGA” agent with over 21 years experience in overseas & covert operations with one of our Nation’s leading three letter agencies. Andrew is the author of the novels “A Failed State” and “Relapse: The Cost Of War”.O

Andrew also operates a company called Forward Movement Training that offers courses for firearms use & tactics, disaster planning, work place, school and places of worship safety and security training. We discuss Andrew’s “A Failed State” book series, the benefits of using simulator training, haul off some Jackwagons and honor some Heroes plus more!

Talking Lead – “Leaducating The Unleaducated” since 2012