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Talking Lead 419 – The Daniel Defense Vault

In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast Lefty’s guests are two of Daniel Defense‘s best Jason Land and Nate Bressler. Lefty recently had the privilege to take a tour of the Daniel Defense Factory in Black Creek Georgia.

.Jason and Nate give us a little more history on the beginnings of Daniel Defense when Marty Daniel made garage doors, yep garage doors. Nate & Jason get us up to speed on DD’s newest line of rifles the Delta 5. A bolt action precision rifle the Delta 5 is guaranteed to deliver .75 to .5 MOA or better groups. Jason & Nate give us a features-break-down from buttstock to muzzle brake for the Delta 5 and talk about their upcoming Mammoth Sniper Competition

Next up we dive into the DDM4 DD5 AR rifle lines and we talk about the WAVE, DD’s multicaliber suppressor. Lefty hits Jason and Nate with the “NEW GUY” questions. Of course we deal with some Jackwgons and honor some well deserving HeroesAnd one lucky Lead Head gets a $250 Daniel Defense gift card.

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