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Talking Lead 417 – AK KORNER S3 Ep11: AK Competition Shooters

In this episode of the Talking Lead AK Korner Season 3 Episode 11 we talk with the people that compete in AK-47 shooting competitions. Joining Lefty this episode is: Jeremy Gresham-IWI US-Competitor; Ken AllenOrganizer of Kalashtober-TrainerJames Leffler-Competitor; Adam Litke-Competitor; Kyle Litzi-Competitor; Matt Kitzmiller-Competitor. We discuss the gear and firearms they use, how they got involved in shooting sports, their favorite events to compete in plus we answer your questions and pick 4 winners! Listen to win. Jeremy announces the IWI Galil GIVEAWAY for December!

“Leaducating The Unleaducated” since 2012 -Talking Lead