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Student of the Gun 1233 – Carry your Medical Gear, Save a Life (SOTGU on the Road)

Do you have your medical gear on you at all times? If not, why not? We bring you a story today that might hopefully make you reconsider your stance on having medical gear readily available all the time. Because as Prof. Paul & Jarrad were on their way down to Texas, they were directly behind a rear-ending on the highway, and instantly THEY became the first responders.

Speaking of Texas, SOTGU came to Texas and held the Martial Application of the Pistol class this past weekend! It was a fantastic event, and we’ve got an after action report for you to enjoy. And hey, if this conversation tickles your fancy, then why not join us for the next class?!

One of Paul’s friends from his days as a feared mercenary, Shane, also sat in on the conversation, and dropped some pearls of wisdom for you to consume. Listen up, hippies!