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Student of the Gun Radio 1196 – Summer Vacation at SOTG! [Best Of]

It’s summer, and the SOTG crew is out doing great things, including the PFT Training Camp. So for this week we’re having a good old fashioned “Best Of” for you. Over 2.5 Hours of amazing SOTG Content curated for your enjoyment.

Clips include our discussion with the Pew Pew Jew, a man having his arm bitten off by a zebra, as well as Professor Paul’s destruction of people who say that carrying medical gear is a bad idea. Hope you enjoy this compilation of greatness, and if you know someone who you think may enjoy SOTG.

Now is the perfect opportunity for you to share this episode with them, allowing a solid taste of what we bring to the table. Make sure you tune in next week for the PFT Training Camp After-Action Report!

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