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Student of the Gun Radio 1181 – Gunsite w/ SDS Day 1 – Michael Bane, Mike Detty & Dave Biggers

GUNSITE! Professor Paul & Jarrad are down at the prestigious shooting school this week and while they’re there, they’ve got the attention of some of the OG’s in the world of firearms. Dave Biggers, Mike Detty, and Michael Bane all join in on this episode!

You may know Mr. Detty from his critically acclaimed book “Operation Wide Receiver: An Informant’s Struggle to Expose the Corruption and Deceit That Led to Operation Fast and Furious”. A long title but it’s full of fantastic information about just how trustworthy our overseers in the federal government are.

Michael Bane and Dave join to talk about Gunsite, personal projects, tell a few stories, and drop a few pieces of wisdom into your brains. Enjoy this episode!

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