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Student of the Gun Radio 1166 – Is Our Industry Being Attacked Financially? Feat. Jason East

Credit card companies, politicians, and more are actively taking anti-gun measures. We’ve brought in Jason East, of ADAMS ARMS, to talk about the recent Credit Card Processing Code for Firearms that has been affecting the industry, as well as what we could do to help address the issue of school attacks in America.

During our Finished Firearms segment, brought to you by DuraCoat Firearm Finishes, we look at a fan submitted finish! A gentleman named Patrick H. sent us his rifle, with accessories and mags, that he coated using Gold Coast (tan) base with Rhodesian Green. It’s a snazzy piece of work!

And in today’s Crossbreed Holsters Homeroom, we discuss recent issues with coyotes hanging out in urban & suburban areas. They may not be the size of wolves, but coyotes are still very dangerous even when they’re alone, and especially if you’re a little kid. Listen louder, hippies.

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