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Student of the Gun Radio 1158 – Foreign Agents on American Soil & Blade Show 2022

Washington DC criminals have teamed up with foreign agents to harass American gun buyers within the borders of the United States. A Montana Sheriff discovered and broke up their operation. Why is the media hiding this story?

During our Duracoat Finished Firearm segment we consider 3 pistols and 1 can. What did we just do? For our Brownells segment, we will discuss drum magazines and what guns we can put them into.

Are you prepared to be dangerous on demand? During our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed holsters, we will address the mass-stabbing attack in Las Vegas by a foreign invader. Be Warned: this story is so egregious you may become physically ill.

PARTNERS: SDS Imports, Brownells Inc, Crossbreed Holsters, DuraCoat Firearm Finishes, Hi-Point Firearms

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