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Student of the Gun Radio 1138 – Free Crack Pipes & More Miami Shootout Lessons

Well, it turns out that the White House lied to us again. There actually are free crack pipes and drug use paraphernalia in the so-called “safe smoking kits” that Sniffy Joe has set aside $ Millions of your tax dollars to fund. 

Last week’s discussion of the FBI Miami Shootout has spawned numerous discussions and questions. We will take some time to address even more lessons learned during this week’s show.

Professor Paul has some suggestions for those who would like to put a summer camouflage pattern on their gun during our Duracoat Firearm segment. What handgun caliber is best for bear defense?

We will consider a recent bear attack during our Brownells Bullet Points. There has been another attack at a church, this one in California. We consider the value of being dangerous on demand during the SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters.

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