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Student of the Gun Radio 1121 – Religion of Peace Attacks: Biden Scratches his Head & Pipe Hitters Guide

After the Muslim terror attack on a synagogue in Texas, Sniffy Joe the meat puppet went to the microphones and said he doesn’t know why the Muslim terrorist used anti-semetic and anti-Israel language. I guess we’ll just never know. 

We have a Duracoat Finish segment for you again, but this week it is not a firearm, but something that pairs well with a firearm. During our Brownells Bullet Point, Professor Paul will consider some suggested reading before you go out and spend money on more stuff. 

For our SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters, we discuss being dangerous on demand, even inside your house of worship. We will remind you of the Legion of Michael Church Security program that is available to all.

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