Student of the Gun Radio 1073 – Ham Radio 2.0 and the 6mm Creedmoor

We have a special guest for you; Jason Johnston of Ham Radio 2.0. Today we will attempt to clear the air and address many of the myths and misunderstandings regarding amateur radio operation.

During our Brownells Bullet Points we will consider the 6mm Creedmoor cartridge as well as a custom rifle built to shoot that round. How far can you expect to shoot with such a gun? 

Additionally, we have an SOTG Homeroom from CrossBreed Holsters. Have you seen what is happening in South Africa? Before you decide that you don’t care, you might consider that situation to be a warning and inspiration for you to become dangerous on demand. 

PARTNERS: Brownells Inc, Crossbreed Holsters, DuraCoat Firearm Finishes, SWAT Fuel

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