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Reloading Podcast 469 – Helping Tom G spend his money

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio Network.  

Tonight the gang is answering an email from Tom about his choices for reloading equipment.

  • ◦ T7 turret or Rock chucker supreme.   Forster Co-ax
    ◦ Rcbs charge master
    ◦ Annealeez
    ◦ Lyman case prep center
    ◦ Lock n load OAL gauge
    ✓ New Brass – lrp 6.5 – 500+ 200 once fired hornady out of tikka
    ✓ H4350 -32#
    ✓ Rl-17 -16#
    ◦ Starrett dig caliper -bring home from work  Blade Micrometer and regular micrometer
    ✓ Cci br lrp – 2000ct
    ✓ Cci lrp -regular -3000 ct
    ✓ Fed Match – SRP- 3000ct
    ◦ Redding deluxe hunter 3 die set
    ◦ FW ARMS. Universal depriming / capping die
    ◦ Frankfort Arsenal – SS tumbler
    ◦ Lanolin
    ◦ Isopropyl alcohol
    ✓ 143gr eldx heads to start 200ct
    ✓ Dehydrator for drying brass
    ◦ Bench – 4’x12’ 2-1/4” thick
    ◦ Tumbler / dehydrator stand 3’x5’
    ◦ Books- hornady, sierra, berger
    ◦ Sinclair bump gauge +comparator for 6.5
  • RCBS bench primer (with Holland gunsmith primer adapter) or a Forster bench primer
  • forster brass trimmer
  • loading block (ep integrations)
  • ammo storage

Cartridge corner: 

Suicide hotline 988 or 800-273-8255


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