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Reloading Podcast 414 – Question from Hunt, Shoot, Off Road

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio Network.  

Tonight the gang is answering more questions.

  • I’d like to have Paul discuss the factors that contribute to poor SD.  I’m struggling a bit to get mine down to single digits.  Lapua 6.5 srp brass, h4350 weighed to the .1 grain.  Neck tension set with Redding die and 21st century expander mandrel.  Brass annealed with a flame annealing machine till it just starts to glow In a dark room.  Savage axis precision.  Only primer I’ve found is cci 41.  What would he recommend next.  Primers set with rcbs hand primer till they are crushed a bit. Thanks guys. I always enjoy the show.
  • Epic — Today at 5:28 PM From <.001 to .006. Generally average. 003 or less on once fired hornady brass. I have a bunch of unfired starline brass but need to go out and shoot. I think things will even out once I have some decent brass. You mentioned neck turning last time we spoke. Maybe something on neck turning?  I have a rock chucker, redding bushing dies “no mandrel” with a 262 neck mandrel. I useredding and SAC bushings for 6.5 creedmoor in my Tikka T3X.
  • Just got back from a massive pig hunt. 2000km (1250 miles) one way 4 days driving total (4000km) and 10 days of hunting. Goal was to shoot as many pigs as possible, they are a pest, all carcasses were dumped/left to rot. There are a lot of restrictions regarding wild harvesting in Qld. We shot a total of 141 pigs, great trip! Probably shot 10 pigs over 100kg (220 pounds), one sow would have weighed 150kg 330 pounds) easy. I took 3 rifles, Tikka T3 308, Remington 7600 in 35 Whelen and 30-06 (30-06 with Magpul furniture – yuck coming straight off terrible for hunting). Tikka T3 with trimmed barrel to 16 inches and fluted, with Lucky 13 10 shot mag, gun ran like a dream, no noticeable loss of power with shortened barrel running 168gr Hornady V-Max (yeah I know old as bullets, finally used them all up) 2208 ADI (Varget) with mixed cases and CCI primers. Projectiles are as long as possible to clear the mag. As you can see in the picture all the ballistic tips are damaged from the recoil. If you quickly add a few rounds back in the mag on top, the lower ones end up destroyed. Is there a way to prevent this happening? 7600 30-06, I have 2x triple K 10 shot mags and 1x lucky 13 10 shot mag. The triple K mags only fed the first 3 rounds and then the start sticking nose down (factory Remington 180gr corelock). Factory 4 shot mags feed without issue, Lucky 13 feed without issue. Gun shot like rubbish, grouping about 50cm at 100m, vortex 1-4x crossfire ii. Rings, pic rail, score all tight. Disappointing, I’m getting rid of the gun. 7600 35 Whelen with Leupold pig plex 1-4x. Reloads, woodleigh 250gr, 2208, cci primer, OAL as long as possible to fit factory mag. Gun shots amazing 1 inch at 100m. Issue is the rounds will not fit in the lucky 13 mag (designed for 30-06) or the triple K and therefore restricted to the factory 4 shot mags. Are there better magazine options for the 7600 Whelen? Could I shorten the OAL and maybe run the in the 30-06 mag? Should I just replace the gun with another Tikka 30-06 and run with trouble free single stack magazines? Tikka 30-06 comes with 1/11 twist is that to slow for 220/240gr? Would love the teams insight, it sucks not making many live shows.

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