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Reloading Podcast 399 – Questions from Social Media II

Hello, and welcome to the Reloading Podcast here on the Firearms Radio Network.  

Tonight the gang is answering more questions.

  • Jon Fuder Getting ready to load for 32 h & r Magnum and want to load round nose bullets And hollow points but also full wadcutters do I need a separate or special die for loading the wad cutters or do I just adjust the doe accordingly? If it helps I will be loading these for a Ruger LCR 327 federal magnum.
  • Alexie Z: What’s the best way to determine a starting load with a fairly new caliber, and very little published information?
  • Tony I: I have several loads on my 50 Beowulf brass and am thinking about annealing it. Does anyone else anneal straight wall?
  • Advice on reloading belted magnum rounds.   Tips or gotchas for Weatherby double radius shoulders in their magnums
  • Mithtyn [Tim] — Today at 4:31 PM Not really a reloading question, but hoping you guys might have some good resource recommendations! My dad & I are looking into building a custom bolt action rifle in one of the 6mm cartridges (we’re looking at either 6BR, 6XC, or maybe the 6GT). Are there any particular resources you’d recommend we check out for more information before we start pulling the trigger on anything?

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