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Preventing Unauthorized Firearm Access and the Pending NRA Elections (013)

In today’s Training Segment, Rob discusses what he feels is a gun owner’s most important responsibility: Preventing unauthorized access to your firearm. Is that what you thought he was going to say? Then in the Politics & Gun Rights Segment, Rob discusses the upcoming election of officers at the annual NRA conference Memorial Day weekend.

Which individuals does Rob’s believe should be prevented from unauthorized access to your firearms? Listen for the complete details behind these considerations:  

  1. Individuals who do not know how to safely operate a firearm
  2. Individuals with malicious intent
  3. Individuals without the mental capacity to understand the possible negative outcomes of firearms use
  4. Individuals who are physically incapable of operating a firearm
  5. Individuals with impaired judgement or perception. 

Memorial Day weekend, the NRA meets in Houston to elect a new board members and EVP. Wayne LaPierre has been driving the organization for years and now a serious contender for the position. Allen West announced he will run to replace LaPierre  in order to “restore the honor, integrity and character” of the NRA after years of abuse, embarrassment, financial struggles and suits. The failings and mismanagement of the NRA for personal gain by the LaPierre reign were detailed in the second season of the Gangster Capitalism podcast.

Rob talked with Allen West and discusses that conversation and what he feels about West’s run to replace LaPierre. In addition, Rob outlines the Second Amendment Organization’s Top Five Reform Goals to improve the National Rifle Association.

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