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Prep & Press 377 – 2-Gun: Where is the Demand for Competition?

This episode of Prep & Press, features part two of a discussion with Adam Maxwell and Kevin Harrington, who are the match director and assistant match director of the 2023 USPSA Multigun Nationals. 

We ask the question “where is the demand for 2-Gun matches?” We talk about regional differences in the division based on our experience. We also touch on the struggles of the Area 5 2 Gun Championship and compare that to the club matches in our local areas.

Then we talk about the the differences between the Israeli and US versions of the Iwi Carmel, and the lure of having a clone correct firearm vs one that is modern. We do have some visuals for the that you can see on the Prep & Press Youtube channel so pop open the YouTube app and subscribe to the channel while you’re there.

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