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Prep & Press 376 – Building a Community: Planning and Staffing a Multigun Nationals

On this episode of Prep & Press, I’m joined by Adam Maxwell, the match director of the 2023 USPSA Multigun Nationals and Assistant MD Kevin Harrington who is also the Stage & Staff Coordinator for the match. And together we discuss the preparation, organization, and challenges involved in hosting a national-level shooting match at Forest Lake Sportsmen’s Club in Minnesota. 

Deep in the weeds but very important to a lot of 3-Gunners, the boys provide tips and clever solutions for following USPSA safety rules. They highlight the importance of testing all three guns and note the various types of stages that will test the full spectrum of the skill set. There are visuals to go along with this on the Prep and Press YouTube channel so go check those out if you’re interested.

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In our second segment we discuss the selection process for the Shotgun World Shoot and question whether it is fair. We emphasize the importance of community support in promoting and participating in matches. Amax and Kevin share their passion for laying the groundwork for a series of area matches culminating in a national championship and creating a cohesive rule set for multigun shooting sports to ensure the sport continues for 20-40 years.

This is going to be a two-part episode, so first two segments are here today. Second two segments will drop next week.

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