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Prep & Press 383 – Everything Wrong With USPSA Multigun Nationals (and how to fix it) with Max Leograndis

As you may know, this year’s USPSA Multigun Nationals was held at Forest Lake Sportmen’s Club in Forest Lake, MN. I was very fortunate to attend thanks to ISOtunes Sport and I had a great time. Fun and challenging stages and great staff.

A few months ago I had match director Adam Maxwell and assistant match director Kevin Harrington on the show to preview the match. 

In today’s episode I have Max Leograndis on to do an analysis of the match- what went right, what went wrong and what could be done in the future to make an even better product for the shooting community. 

I’m really excited to have Max on the show again because I feel he’s in a unique position to see multiple aspects of the match environment from the perspective of many different stakeholders because Max is a world class competitor himself, he’s a match director, he started a new match organization in the Practical Competition Shooting League or PCSL, he’s a high level trainer and most of all, he has a completely different way of observing and analyzing things than me. 

I always enjoy when I can talk to Max whether on or off the podcast and I know you are going to enjoy this interview. 

If you have any comments on the discussion, let’s keep it going over at the Prep & Press YouTube Channel where you’ll find the video version of this interview. 

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